Homeschool Linkup #4

In my life this week . . . taking time to reflect on how important life really is.

In our homeschool this week…we researched turtles a little more and the girls figured out what kind of an indoor winter garden we need to plant–so they have “fresh” food for the winter.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… what works for one kid may (probably won’t) work for another!

I am inspired by… Sarah.

My favorite thing this week was… taking an afternoon off to sit under the electric blanket and read and be read to!  I love when the kids read to me.

What’s working/not working for us… staying up late.

Questions/thoughts I have… wondering if I’ll get this sweater finished before next summer.

Things I’m working on…  my first 2 classes at the school went well 🙂

I’m reading… a new Kindle book–Finding Educational Activities in the Most Unexpected Places by Angie Kauffman.

I’m cooking…meals for the freezer.

I’m grateful for… life.

I’m praying for… Chris–a Mom of 3 who died on Saturday night.  I pray that her family has peace and understanding.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…  our St. Francis dolls!

I’m linking up with Mother’s Journal

St. Francis “dolls”

In our house we love animals–I’ve always had a pet–my entire life–not to mention the bird feeders, butterfly gardens and bat houses.  You get the idea–so St. Francis is naturally a favorite saint in our house.

This year in homeschooling I wanted a more hands on approach to the saints so we are going to make saint “dolls”–I’ll be making dolls as the year goes along.

How cute is St. Francis?

of course they had to have a play!

standing Francis . . . one out of fabric scraps and yarn

Homeschool Journal Link up!

In my life this week . . . taking time to reflect on how important life really is.

In our homeschool this week…we started book reports this week and made a turtle habitat.  I’ll post pictures of that next week–it is very cool.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… enjoy the gift of time with your kids.
I am inspired by… St. Therese of the Little way–I wrote an adoration meditation for kids and it really made me stop and think–it’s not the big things but the little things that we do over and over, and over . . .
My favorite thing this week was… making homemade ice cream.
What’s working/not working for us… it is not working to have just one shower for six people–waiting patiently for the other shower to be fixed and thanking God that we have the resources to pay for it.
Questions/thoughts I have… I’m wishing that we could have a dog!
Things I’m working on…  I’m starting a book club and a writing club, scribe tribe, at our Parish school–could it be the beginnings of a coop?????
I’m reading… a stack of books from the library about knitting
I’m cooking… getting ready for all my favorite fall foods.

I’m grateful for… a safe business trip for my husband–I missed him.
I’m praying for… Chris–a Mom of 3 who has been in the hospital for a week now.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…  my kids love the Target breakfast breads and this is the latest flavor.

our breakfast all week long

Love Languages: Acts of Service

This is my last post on the book by Gary Chapman–Love Languages.  There are five love languages quality time,  gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, and now Acts of Service.

I love Acts of Service–that is what I grew up providing and that is how I found acceptance and love from my Mom.  Twisted and not quite right but still.  I was valued by the quality of the “service” that I provided.  So I work really hard to please by doing.  So since my  childhood experience was distorted it has taken me a very long time to fully understand what the Acts of Service really is . . . as an adult who has worked through some issues.

An Act of Service is serving God by serving others.  The service will be different for different people.  My wonderful husband brings me coffee on Saturday morning.  The only morning that I have to lounge until around 7!!!  I joyfully give my mother-in-law food rubs, that she loves.

For my kids I have provided Acts of Service since their  very first moments but as they get older I do different special things for my different kids.  I want my kids to know that I serve God by serving them–that is actually a “house rule”.  So these are some of the ways that I offer acts of service to my children (and the other children that I work with):

  1. Help them complete and assignment or a chore.  My son is now responsible for loading and unloading the dishwasher–but sometimes either my husband or I will help him as we talk through homework or a life lesson.
  2. I fill the water bottles each day for the kids–so they know that they will start out with a full water bottle and they will need to refill.  Because I did the first part–they gladly refill.  That makes my life easier.
  3. My oldest daughter washes and dries the clothes (a blessing to me) and I sort, fold and have the kids put away their clothes.  They know we are moving to the point where they do their own laundry so they acknowledge this gift.
  4. Making their favorite cake on their birthday, and their favorite dinner, and getting them balloons.   They are very grateful for the splurge.
  5. Tying shoes, stopping what I’m doing to find a toy . . .
  6. When I go to the library I look for a book they might like.
  7. I sit and listen when they play their music–I give them 100% attention.  Stopping and giving them center stage is a way to let them know you value their playing.
  8. Getting up early to cook the cinnamon rolls.
  9. Making a bubble bath and then reading to the kids while they are in the tub.
  10. I try to make time for each kid each day and connect in some way, double checking backpacks together, or in homeschooling reading the instructions when I don’t really need to.

It was hard to come up with Acts of Service for kids–it is much easier to show my husband . . .

  1. Putting a book on his Kindle without him asking me.
  2. Putting a new app on his phone .
  3. Putting an almond croissant in his lunch box.
  4. Sending him a text telling him how much he means to me.
  5. Picking up his dry-cleaning when I know he is having a busy week–even though it is out of my way.
  6. Making his favorite dinner and using his favorite plate (we have a few from his Grandma).
  7. Starting the shower for him in the morning.
  8. Giving him a foot rub without him asking.
  9. Make sure the house is not crazy when he walks in each night.
  10. Creating a loving home that is his refuge (that’s my favorite thing!).

Be Blessed as you discover your own ways to show love through acts of service.

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Mother’s Homeschool Journal (#2)

  • In my life this week… I jumped through hoops of fire for my son to be able to go to the school that suits him best and get the services he needs . . .
  • In our homeschool this week… the girls have decided on the schedule of Fridays off  if they finish ALL school by Thursday–so they worked extra hard and were done by Wednesday.  A deal is a deal–so next week I will monitor just how many pages of each subject they are doing.
  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… if you aren’t on pinterest–start–I found lots of totally cool Lego/math fusion that was very exciting for my little guy!  (feel free to follow me–renee baude or is it joyful mom, or joyfulmombaude . . . too many logins and passwords in my life)
  • I am inspired by… my garden–it grows and thrives despite my neglect.
  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… we had a very special playdate today and we will have another on Monday.
  • My favorite thing this week was… listening to my big girl play the keyboard with her new sustain pedal–it was beautiful.
  • What’s working/not working for us… getting to bed by 7:30, me reading nightly again (it has been too long) and lights out at 8:00.
  • Questions/thoughts I have… I wish that I would have started blogging sooner.
  • Things I’m working on…  I’m starting a book club and a writing club, scribe tribe, at our Parish school–could it be the beginnings of a coop?????
  • I’m reading… The 10 habits of Happy Mothers–chapter 4.  (for the Mom’s group)
  • I’m cooking… or not cooking.  Soup in the crock pot, BLT’s and clearing out the freezer.
  • I’m grateful for… my husband for so many reasons–I love you.
  • I’m praying for… all of the families that have been affected by 9/11.
  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share… the girls have been giving me flowers almost every day . . .





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Love Languages–Physical Touch

This is my fourth week of writing about Gary Chapman’s book the Five Love Languages.  I have written about gifts, words of affirmation, quality time and today I’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) to you the love language of physical touch.

I just feel like I need to say that swatting, the whack and the cuff are not a appropriate way to express this love language.  I did tell my kids that I was writing about physical touch and they had a great time showing each other how much “love” they could give each other.

As humans we need community but not all of us need to be cuddled and “hugged up”.   For whatever reason some people just are uncomfortable–I try to be respectful of that.  I have one child who did not want to be hugged or cuddled–oh my that was hard for me.  I “wear” my kids and created some really cool baby slings for them as they grew . . . I often wore two kids at once!  When a child craves that closeness, giving it to them is the easiest way to have a good day because they seem so much happier.  So the baby that did not want to be in my face–I pointed outward in the sling or front pack.  My last child was in a backpack and he loved that–he has some challenges that we have been working through since day one but slow and steady will win the race!  My solution was to wear him on my back and hold him as much as I could.

I have two children with sensory issues–one loves physical touch and movement (swinging, bouncing, biking) and the other feels like touch is almost a violation to his “being”.  Our house needs to be really creative with creating an environment that honors each child when it comes to touch, smells, sounds . . . and it is challenging explaining to the rest of the world by they can’t just “touch” my kid.

My fourth baby did not want to be held by me but loved being held and wrestled with his brother.  I need to be open and realize that I just wasn’t doing the touching the way that baby wanted it.  Even when I tried to do the same thing big brother did–it didn’t work.  #4’s connection was with his brother not me, and only big brother could address his love language.  Fast forward until now I do worry that my baby will think that all big boys are his wrestling buddies so we are working on setting some boundaries.

I incorporate physical touch into the day in a variety of ways:

  1. When my kids were babies I always gave them a massage after bath–I used a variety of oils–it really depended on the child.  I still rub the foreheads of my girls each night.  (not gonna lie–I do not always do this joyfully–I start out crabby until I realize how important it is for me to stop, pause, and pray over my girls).
  2. I read aloud to the kids and I always try to have a child on each side–just sitting next to each other.  Or I’ll read sitting on their bed–that is a big deal and I’m not sure why.  At the cabin where things are “dialed down” we will have a bed party, reading for hours and taking turns–the kids love the bed party.  I also split kids up during church so that I can have one on each side.  Church often dissolves into a game of “kid checkers” as I move and jostle to get just the right balance.
  3. We are an active house–we play basketball and soccer together and get physical there.  The pool is my favorite place for physical touch–I love singing Kindermusik songs and throwing the kids in the air–whipple doodle, whipple doodle, whipple doodle, WEEEEEEE, as they fly in the air.
  4. I hug my kids several times a day–often picking them up and spinning them.  Even my big kid thinks its fun.  I start each day with a hug and end each day with a hug–I call them my morning hugs and my goodnight hugs.
  5. I am not a big high-five person, but that does count as positive physical touch.  Recently my #4 learned the up high, down low, too slow version of High Five and he thinks it is the funniest thing ever . . . I respect that is his version of the love language.
  6. Simple holding hands.  It really is for more than just parking lots!
  7. Floor time–if I lay on the floor I will have as many kids that are in my house at that time piled on top of me.  I randomly say “dog pile Mom” and lay dow to see who hits first and hardest.  We love dog pile in our house and the kids use it to “make up” with each other after a fight.  I’m do not pretend to understand the logic of the kids I just write about it.  My guess is that it is equivalent to a boy hug.
  8. We work in the kitchen quite a bit together–that time of working side by side gives us a time to be together–often opening the window of opportunity to talk.  The kids get so excited when I lift them onto the counter (normally a forbidden activity) and look them right in the eyes and talk.
  9. Swinging, stroller rides, rides in the burley thing–as soon as my kids see a swing they beg “push me, push me”, or a wagon–“pull me”, even if you are not exactly touching them all the time it counts.  I have spent, no exaggeration, 100’s of hours pushing kids on a swing and singing songs.  They love that–and I learned to not think about the dirt on the kitchen floor, but to embrace and enjoy that time with them.
  10. Slug Bug (when you see a VW bug you slug the other person) is currently our families favorite way of showing affection.  The kids are developing their own ways of expressing themselves through physical touch–slug bug, sports, fixing each other’s hair, wrestling and high fives.

The love language of touch really does evolve and change with each child as he develops.  What works for my smallest no longer works with my big kid.

I had a break in writing this post . . . as my husband was getting ready to leave for the day he said good-bye to each child–in his own way–one child was pick upside down, one had a belly rub, the other he brushed hair, and the final child was a huge hug.  I suppose I should do a list of the things my husband does . . . so this post will be longer than most!

  1. Plays soccer with the kids.
  2. Gives belly rubs.
  3. Chases them around the house.
  4. His own version of Dog Pile.
  5. Plays basketball.
  6. Gives them a hug good-bye in the morning and a hug good night in the evening.
  7. Goes to all their sporting events . . . (sometimes we divide and conquer but mostly he goes to every game).
  8. The kids get to take turns sitting by him on the couch while he reads.
  9. He helps the kids with coats and shoes in funny ways–“the sock is gonna eat your foot–yum, yum”.
  10. If the kids aren’t already up (they usually get up at the crack of dawn) he will go in and gently wake them up with a song and a pat.

Be Blessed as you work out the best ways to spend with your kids.

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Homeschooling Journal Link up #1


In my life this week…

I was able to concentrate on the important personal tasks of being a mom–watching a child ride their bike sans training wheels, my big one going off to middle school and managing the ins and outs, a preschool who wants to be homeschooled, and giving support and love “on demand” to the child that needs it most.

In our homeschool this week…
This is week two of homeschooling the girls.  We are still “deschooling” and working on the process of learning not “just getting it done”.

I am inspired by…

Women who are honest in their approach to motherhood and life.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

The last few weeks have been going to raspberry farms, tomato farms and farmers markets so this week we tried to stay closer to home and begin a “schedule”.

My favorite thing this week was…

Getting my new computer!!!

Things I’m working on…

I’m writing a curriculum for kids who like to move, bounce and giggle yet struggle with fine motor skills . . . a work in progress.

I’m cooking…

Finishing up the canning–this weekend will be pickles.

I’m grateful for…

The love that my family shows to me and each other.

I’m praying for…

a humble heart.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…