St. Francis “dolls”

In our house we love animals–I’ve always had a pet–my entire life–not to mention the bird feeders, butterfly gardens and bat houses.  You get the idea–so St. Francis is naturally a favorite saint in our house.

This year in homeschooling I wanted a more hands on approach to the saints so we are going to make saint “dolls”–I’ll be making dolls as the year goes along.

How cute is St. Francis?

of course they had to have a play!

standing Francis . . . one out of fabric scraps and yarn


School is Cancelled

On his Birthday Eve, my son, has explained to me that school will be cancelled.  He can’t possibly go to preschool AND train for the Olympics.

How can I argue with that logic.

He starts preschool the day after his birthday.  His teachers are wonderful and he will be fine.

He will be home two days a week and has requested that I teach Science, Math and he will continue to work on his “reading eggs” computer program.  Again, how can I argue with a child who is creating his own curriculum.

I so love being home with my kids.  I am blessed.