Scribe Tribe Week 1

Scribe Tribe is an after school writing group.  I want to instill in the kids the fun of writing “God Stuff”.  Our first week was creating a gratitude journal and then the expectation is that the kids will write 3 things each week that they are grateful for.  I love the idea from Ann @ A Holy Experience.

This week we will talk about St. Theresa–her feast day is Monday, October 1st.  She was a writer so that fits in with our theme.  We will talk about adoration and the meditations–Gretchen O’Connor and I trade-off writing them–I want to emphasize that writing can be important even when you are an adult.  We will be writing prayers this week.

Next week we will talk about St. Francis–his feast day is on Thursday October 4th.  I may do a St. Francis craft.

My intention is to update this joyful learning website with information about Scribe Tribe–I will send out an email reminding the kids to bring journal to class.  I want to offer this curriculum to any parent/teacher that wishes to use it.

Be Blessed.


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